Embroidered Art Necklace - Seed Heads on Grey Linen

Embroidered Art Necklace - Seed Heads on Grey Linen


This beautiful Embroidered Art Necklace is part of a collection of unique, one-off designs that make eye-catching statement pieces. The necklace features a group of stylised Seed Heads and is inspired by the architectural seed heads and plants that you find in a late summer garden

The embroidered design is stitched in gold, white and black threads on a layered background of natural and dark grey linen. The necklace is hand-finished with brass inclusions. The waxed-cotton hanging cord is in dark brown with matching velvet loop detail. The length is adjustable.

A lovely gift for a special birthday or anniversary, the necklace is presented in a gift box with gold tissue and card insert.

Size: 3cm x 6cm
Box Size: 9cm x 9cm

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