Square Embroidered Art Brooch - Two Seed Heads

Square Embroidered Art Brooch - Two Seed Heads


This beautiful Wearable Art Brooch is part of a collection of unique, one-off designs that make eye-catching statement pieces. The square brooch features a stylised Twin Seed Heads design with an embroidered border. It’s inspired by the architectural seed heads and plants that you find in an autumn garden. The design is stitched in deep red and turquoise threads set on a natural linen background and turquoise, stitched border. The nature-inspired design is highlighted with touches of shimmery blue and red organza. The back is hand-finished in natural linen fabric with a gold brooch bar.

A lovely gift for a special birthday or anniversary, the brooch is presented in a gift box gift wrapped in tissue and tied with matching decorative ribbon. 

Size: 6cm x 6cm
Box Size: 9cm x 9cm

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