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PHOTO: Su France

PHOTO: Su France

Su France (artist & silversmith)

Su France is an artist and silversmith whose pieces are inspired by the landscape around her rural Lincolnshire home. Working with elements cast mainly in silver, and more recently bronze, has allowed her to create botanically inspired jewellery and delicate sculptures. As well as this, her photography reflects the world inside and outside her home studio. Su studies the form and textures of the organic elements, as well as the exquisite and often overlooked tiny treasures, taking into account how light and shadow interplay with nature’s beauty. Collecting and studying forms allows Su to select and capture the perfect, the imperfect and the astounding.


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Helen Wilde (fibre artist, embroiderer)

The inspiration for Helen’s work comes from the natural environment, combining her passion for Floriography [the language of flowers], flowers and botanicals with fibre art and embroidery.

Helen is fascinated by the organic forms, the cryptological communication through the use of floral arrangements, the secrets these reveal, the conversations of colours and patterns within flower meadows that are represented within generations of decorative arts and traditional textiles.

Exploring these forms using a variety of contemporary and traditional techniques, from flower presses to hand dyed embroidery silks, creating new conversations and textures.

Exhibiting these new forms through traditional hoops to wall hangings and pieces you can hold in your hands, capturing the light, the story and movement within. 

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PHOTO: Helen Wilde

PHOTO: Helen Wilde


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Sue Nicholls (fine art textiles, print and ceramics)

Sue’s current work is inspired by and explores the interaction between people, nature and landscape. The ways in which plants themselves can form a dynamic, fluid landscape in which fields of swaying grasses undulate in the wind and move together like one giant organism. The way the landscape is shaped by the plants and in it and how the plants themselves are in turn shaped by the land itself. The repetitive shapes and patterns created by ploughing the land. She likes to explore the intense beauty of texture and form that exists in places that are often overlooked. The roadside verges that are populated by a seasonal succession of flowers, grasses and architectural seed heads. The field margins and wasteland that are reclaimed by the dense layers of wild flowers and weeds that choose to grow there. Her ideas develop by taking photographs or sketching a few ideas based on what she sees in different locations over a period of months. She then bases her work on the memory of what she’s seen, rather than using any direct references. Sue chooses to work in textiles as her main medium. Drawn to the dense, natural tapestry of textures in the landscape this translates well into into stitch, fabric and thread. This can either be by building up layer upon layer of stitch and different materials to create imagery, or by using precise lines and stitches to create more detailed, illustrative work.  

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